What We Stand For

Why Artificial Blooms? 

I know, it's a big question, as to why at Partridge Blooms we've gone artificial?

Well, there's a couple of reasons which we'll share with you. 

We Deliver Across the UK 

We want to grow Partridge Blooms to a nationwide e-commerce retailer of gift flowers and artificial flower wreaths for your home.  Dress your door, dress your lounge, dress your hallway window sill if you like.  By going artificial and using silk blooms, it means Partridge Blooms can ship orders across the UK without fear of the flowers dying in transit. 

We're Long Lasting 

Partridge Blooms stands for everlasting - the idea that a well looked after wreath becomes a part of your family, appeals hugely to us.  That's why they've all got names.  They've got an identity and a personality. 

We're Providing Gifts to Remember 

Perhaps giving a gift to someone that's long lasting might appeal to you too?  A bouquet of everlasting flowers can become part of your home decor and be personalised and customised to their needs.  You're giving something which truly reflects the recipient.   Real flowers could die within the week, but an everlasting bouquet will last a long time, if cared for well. 

We Stand for Quality

Artificial doesn't mean "cheap".  There's a misconception that artificial flowers are somehow cheaper than real blooms. It's absolutely not the case.  Per stem, artificial blooms can be 3 x the price of a live stem.   They are made from silk, realistic looking and we've been told that it's nearly impossible to tell the difference until you're up close.  Partridge Blooms is all about quality.  We source from a range of wholesalers and wouldn't sell anything we wouldn't display in our own home.